Brand introduction


Four modern production bases, advanced technical equipment. The company's current production capacity is 2000 sets of interior doors per day and 600,000 sets per year; the annual output of walls is 1 million m². The extrusion workshop adopts 38 large and medium-sized extrusion production lines imported from Germany, and 48 decorative finish processing production lines with 218 sets of extrusion dies. We have 40,000 sets of 100,000 m² substrate semi-finished products in stock to ensure the delivery of large quantities of engineering orders.Four modern production bases, advanced technical equipment.

TECHUANG Intelligent creation


Techuang has a research and development team composed of doctors, postgraduates and senior engineers, and employs foreign experts from Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, etc., and establishes a deep integration of university-enterprise joint laboratories with Zhengzhou University, HIT University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tongji University and other universities.

Enterprise strength